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Shihan Ohan

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Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1949, Camille Ohan joined the Wadi El Nile scouts at the age of 9. Each weekend, the scouts met early in the morning and followed the day's activities with discipline and respect.


In addition to running, bicycling, football, volleyball, reading and music, Camille was interested in combat. His parents enrolled him in karate to provide a safe and disciplined environment for his practice. Training was almost always outside - nature was the true dojo.  The sounds of birds, wind and water helped Camille to strengthen his concentration, and discover breathing. 


Camille Ohan immigrated to Canada in 1967 and earned a Bachelor's Degree.



"I have observed in Shihan Camille Ohan many personal qualities that greatly exceed the framework needed to provide good teaching of karate. In addition to the skills necessary to manage teaching, Shihan Camille Ohan indeed demonstrated a constant commitment to the mission of karate,which aims to build personal and social development of young people enrolled in his school.


According to Shihan Ohan, this development at the personal and social levels among young people is achieved by transmission of the knowledge of the master to the student, and, in parallel, from parent to child. Shihan Ohan considers that martial arts to be an exceptional educational lever to instill values in young students.


For these reasons, as a psychologist, professor of psychology and psychiatry, and a mental health researcher I firmly believe that the FKCO Camille Ohan School of Karate plays a crucial role in the intergenerational transmission of knowledge."


Claude Belanger, PhD

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