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Honbu Course Schedule

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A protocol to counter COVID-19 is now in place at the DOJO
If you have symptoms: fever, dry cough, fatigue, and / or difficulty breathing,
Consult a health or social services professional

  • The student should make sure that they have read and should respect all of this information

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for ALL

  • The entry and exit of students will be done one student at a time

  • Parents or accompanying persons must be on time for the student's exit

  • There will be mandatory hand disinfection at the entrance

  • Use of changing rooms is limited. Students must already wear their Dogi upon arrival.

  • Always bring your fighting equipment while respecting the regulations taken at this level.

  • Toilet use is strictly for emergencies (try to plan ahead of your visit)

  • Small sports towel to wipe off sweat during breaks to limit droplets in the air

  • Brown papers will be available to everyone so that the student can quickly clean up the excess sweat on the Tatami mat, the paper must be thrown immediately after use in the trash

  • It is necessary to minimize the contact with the hands on the objects or handles all the time of your presence

  • Physical distancing must be respected at all times


Code of Conduct

  1. Always remain in your row

  2. Do not play with your belt

  3. Do not distract others

  4. Always watch the teachers and instructors

  5. Respect your partner

  6. At all times wear your own Gi (kimono), with 3 mandatory badges

  7. Do not run unless instructed to

  8. Always keep your fingernails and toenails clean and well cut

  9. Greet the dojo when entering and exiting with respect

  10. Properly attach your belt around your Gi (kimono)



Message from Shihan Camille Ohan, 6th Dan


Our traditional karate dojos require that the principles of respect and discipline be adhered to at all times.  These principle permit the creation of a safe environment for children and adults to train in.  The following code of conduct must be followed by all students and members of the dojo.  Failure to respect the code of conduct will result in disciplinary measures:




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