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"Warrior" Describes his Challenge

My name is Daniel. I am a brown belt in Shinkyokushinkai. My challenge was to break 20 boards as fast as I could. There were two more people participating in the "Warriors" challenge; Daniel from Senpai Carlos’ school, and Massimiliano from the Honbu. I did this challenge to raise money to go to Japan, and to win a prize. The money for the fundraiser was given by friends, family and karate classmates.

To prepare, I trained many extra days a week, and Shihan spent extra time with me. I hit my hands and legs on catalogs for about a month. I succeeded in my challenge and won first place. Before the breaking, I was stressed, because I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it. But, when I was breaking the boards, I did my best and they all broke. After I broke the boards, I felt relieved that I succeeded. The coolest part about the challenge was that there was a video posted on the FKCO Facebook page and it got 27,000 views!

Karate helped me overcome this challenge, because I learned perseverance and technique, and the training made me stronger.

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